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Looking for employee time tracking that is simple and inexpensive for unlimited employees? Clock Real Time™ shows employees arriving and leaving on remote computers and requires no time to total hours; it produces reports you just hand to payroll. Clock Real Time improves employee relations and eliminates wage disputes. It is a complete time clock replacement for a single, one-time low price that can be learned in as few as 15 minutes. Do It Yourself and save THOUSANDS!
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Clock Real Time instantly shows when employees arrive and depart. See who is clocked in right this minute. Know when any employee left work and see how long employees take breaks. As employees clock in and out, Clock Real Time shows employee attendance and hours in real time - something most other products and time clocks can't do.

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Clock Real Time - Save Time
Up-to-the-second time and attendance reporting cuts payroll costs and reduces calculation errors. Manage all aspects of attendance when they happen to increase accuracy. Clock Real Time collects employee hours and manages breaks, holidays, sick leave, comp time and overtime simultaneously.

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Analyze your employee costs by Contract, Department or Position. Watch employee arrival and departure in real time from any PC, even in remote locations. Notice attendance patterns that cost you money. Gain more control over your business.

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Time Clock Manager

Clock Real Time Manager

Clock Real Time Manager attendance tracking software has 13 main screens plus menu items that contain and manage employee information and clock events.

Attendance Tracking Scanner

Clock Real Time Scanner

Clock Real Time Scanner is a software program that reads swipe card information and registers employees arriving and leaving into the Clock Real Time system.

Real Time Employee Timesheet

Clock Real Time Monitor

Clock Real Time Monitor is a "roll call" window for attendance tracking that shows employees arriving and leaving in real time and from computers in multiple locations simultaneously.

Time Clock Swipe Card Reader

Magnetic Card Swipe Reader

Card readers gather swipe information and sends it to the Clock Real Time Scanner or Manager for processing.

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Clock Real Time Attendance Tracking Componwents
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Components let you expand the Clock Real Time system as your business grows to manage more time and attendance events from multiple locations. See Clock Real Time in action!
Clock Real Time Platform
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Only $398  
  • Clock Real Time MANAGER
  • Clock Real Time SCANNER
  • Clock Real Time MONITOR
  • Card Reader for time events and employee input
  • 20 Blank swipe cards
  • 182 page Clock Real Time USER GUIDE
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Introductory Price ...
Used successfully in Europe for years (click here for references), Clock Real Time attendance tracking time clock software is now available in English. For a limited time you will receive the full version Manager, Monitor and Scanner software with 2 card readers and 20 blank swipe cards - a $945 value, for over 57% off if you order today.
ONLY $398
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