Increase Accuracy
      Using Time Keeping

While Improving Employee Relations


Software Time Keeping

Track time and attendance of employees, attendees, people or groups with time keeping software to increase accuracy and reduce work.

Software time keeping (or some say software timekeeping) lets you easily leverage computers to save time and money in your business or organization immediately.

Keeping track of employees using old-fashioned time clocks is costly and less accurate. Using old-fashioned "punch clocks" like the picture on the left side above has many drawbacks over software time keeping because they:

  • create work by requiring end-of-period time totalling
  • are not as accurate because humans remain in the process until a paycheck is cut for the employee's time
  • are not as flexible because time cards don't allow real-time corrections
  • cost more because of extra processing and inaccuracies
  • can decrease employee moral through paycheck inaccuracies and possible arguments with employees

Your business doesn't need these headaches. Software time keeping is much smarter and will pay for itself and then make you money through increased accuracy and less work to pay employees. Clock Real Time by Kneson Software is the least expensive time keeping software you can buy. Our customers tell us that software time keeping has improved their lives immensely and saved them well over the price of the product many times over. Clock Real Time customers simply hand the time sheet report to their accountant and employees get paid from the report. No tallying, no corrections and no arguing with employees!

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